Elizabeth McAlpin


Sep 2011 – May 2020
NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
Ph.D., Educational Communication and Technology

Sep 2007 – June 2011
Teachers College of Columbia University
E.d.M, Instructional Design and Technology

Sep 2000 – June 2003
NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
M.A., Educational Communication and Technology

Sep 1987  – June 1991
Denison University
B.A. Philosophy
Concentration: French and Art History
Exchange Year Abroad: NYU Abroad program – La Sorbonne Universite, Paris, France


Jan 2014 – 2019
Adjunct Faculty Member
Department: Educational Communication & Technology, New York University
Graduate level instructor:

  • Foundations of Cognitive Science (2014 – 2017, 2019)
  • Design Processes for Learning (2019)


Nov 2023: Designing Pedagogical Interventions with an Assessment Strategy in Mind: NYU Office of the Provoost of Academic Program Review

Sep 2023: An Epic Engagement: The Evolution of a SoTL Partnership: NYU Office of The Provost (View Blog Post) (View Video)

Jun 2022–  Workshop Instructor: Designing Student Assessments Using Technology & Media Faculty Resource Network, NYU

Mar 2022Women in Technology (WIT), NYU Panel: Women Pioneering the Future

Aug 2021European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) Presentation: Investigating the Effectiveness of Role-Play Patient Simulations in Dental Education

Jun 2020iLRN 6th International Conference of Immersive Learning Presentation: Pilot Study – A 360 Virtual Reality Simulation to Prepare Social Work Students to Interact with Community Environments

Nov 2019 – Symposium on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Banff, Canada
Presentation: A Tale of Three Studies: An Iterative Design and Research Approach to Teaching and Learning

Mar 2019 – NYU Student Success Forum, NYU
Presentation: Iterative Design & Research: Calculus I

Nov 2018 – NYU Tech Summit 2018, NYU
Presentation: Technology Enhanced Education – Research and Outcomes Assessment

Oct 2018 – NYU Scribble Youth Event, NYU Tandon
Workshop Co-Facilitator: Basic 2D Character Assembly for Animations for NYC Kids

Jun 2018 – Faculty Resource Network Workshop, NYU
Workshop Co-Facilitator: Designing Student Assessments Using Technology and Media

Nov 2017 – NYU Tech-Enhanced Education Event
Topic: From Islands to Archipelago: Discovering Connections Across Faculty Experiences with Educational Technology
Panelist: “Demystifying Learning Analytics”

Oct 2017 – University of Virginia Teaching with Technology Summit
Keynote Address: Technology Enhanced Education: Pearls & Perils

Sep 2017 – Center for the Advancement of Teaching, NYU
Workshop Co-Facilitator: Employing Action-Based Analytics to Your Course

Apr 2017 –  Educause (ELI Online Focus Session)
New Directions in Instructional Design: Keeping Pace in a Time of Rapid Change
Presenter: Beyond Instructional Design: Where is Our Practice Today and Where is it Going?

Jun 2016 – Faculty Resource Network Workshop, NYU
Workshop Facilitator: Ditch the Lecture, Add Active Learning

Oct 2015 – E-Learn
Presenter: Ditch the Lecture, Add Active Learning


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McAlpin, E., Shilane, D., & Kalaycioglu, S. (2019). Dynamic Versus Static Presentation Formats, Do They Impact Performance Differently? Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching,  38(1), 49-76 (Download Full Paper)

McAlpin, E., Shilane, D., & Kalaycioglu, S. (2018). A Pedagogically Effective Use of an Audience Response System to Increase Outcomes in Mathematics. Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching, 37(4), 1-32 (Download)

McAlpin, E. (2015). Ditch the Lecture, Add Active Learning. In Proceedings of E-Learn: World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education (pp. 1849-1853). Kona, Hawaii, United States: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

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Jul 2016 – Present
Director of Educational Technology Research – NYU IT
Institution: New York University
Employment Duration: 7 years
Location: Greater New York City Area

Supports faculty desiring to engage in educational research and scholarship for teaching and learning for courses delivered at the institution. Assists faculty in scholarly research on technology enhanced teaching and learning strategies aimed to improve student learning. Research includes games, virtual environments, simulations, media, and technologies used in the classroom, remote, and online. Assists in the research planning, design, IRB approval, implementation, management, data collection and analysis, and writing for journal publication. Collaborations with faculty aim to support the university’s effort to learn about the impact of technology on teaching and learning practices in order to make continued improvements for students at NYU. Project manages and provides instructional design skills for virtual reality development projects aimed for efficacy research in the classroom Additional assistance with grant writing for funding. Facilitates workshops on iterative course design and scholarly research for teaching and learning.

Service Highlights Include:

  • Collaborate with faculty from various schools and departments to identify research opportunities
  • Consult on research questions and design
  • Conduct literature reviews to guide research
  • Design research plans
  • Complete IRB
  • Implement & manage research projects
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Report on results and plan ways to make continued changes and improvements
  • Write research articles for journal publications
  • Provides grant writing services for research
  • Facilitate workshops on iterative course design and research design for teaching and learning

Operational Highlights:

  • Responsible for managing departmental budget
  • Managed all operational, tactical, and strategic aspects of the department from collaborating with departments and schools, creating and defending business cases for new projects, managing all research and development projects, meeting annual goals, and ensuring quality of work.
  • Develop new partnerships
  • Bring research projects to publication with various journals
  • Present research to various conferences and institutions
  • Steward the service to an accepted, valued, & respected service at the university

Other duties included:

  • Assisted University Provost with Program Planning SoTL Symposium (2023)

Jun 2013 – Jul 2016
Asst. Director of Learning and Curriculum Dev – NYU IT
Institution: New York University
Employment Duration: 3 yrs 2 mo
Location: New York, New York

Guided a new department of 12+ full time + 12+ contractors consisting of educational designer, media producers, and interactive developers aimed to assist faculty in enhancing their pedagogical practices, content, and assessments with technology and media.  Charged with reimagining and customizing blended, hybrid, online, or enhance face-to-face courses. Customizations included animations, games, simulations, dynamic video, and interactive experiences.  Educational designs achieved by employing evidence-based educational and assessment design (approaches, methods, strategies, and principles) to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences. Managed team members, collaborations, work load and challenges. Supported team members professional development and annual goals. Identified and secured highly respected guest speakers from various institutions for team inspirations.  Worked closely with leadership to drive institutional goals aimed to encourage faculty develop a reflective teaching and learning practice, explore new pedagogical approaches grounded in evidence, and document how these changes impact student learning outcomes and experience.

  • Responsible for a departmental budget of over 1M
  • Managed all operational and tactical aspects of the department from delegating resources, developing team members, ensuring high performance, and allocating projects.
  • Provided departmental direction of all course related projects in terms of quality, effectiveness, and efficiency
  • Developed departmental rubric for evaluating technology enhanced course projects
  • Created and implemented course and multimedia design and development template toolbox process for team members to follow so as to ensure effective and efficient project management, design, development, and implementation.
  • Trained new employees on the course design process through an apprenticeship model
  • Designed course templates to be shared across all schools and departments at NYU
  • Managed, designed, and developed course related projects with NYU faculty
  • Provided professional development and enrichment opportunities to staff including guest speakers, conference attendances, faculty workshop facilitations, publications, and Emerging Leadership Program (ELP)
  • Stewarded the team to an accepted, valued, and respected service at the university
  • After two years, restructured team from a flat reporting structure to a 3-tier structure to allow for employee growth
  • Advocated and created an additional service of interactive developers including game and simulation designers
  • Created and defended business plans to support new initiatives such as interactive development and learning analytics

Other duties included:

  • Stewarded new Learning Analytic Effort at the University (2015-2017)
  • Co-facilitated Learning Analytic Working Group (View Here) (2015-2017)
  • Co-hosted LASI-NYC 2016The Visualization of Data in Education” (View Here) (2016)
  • Facilitated Evaluation and Assessment of Technology Subcommittee Meeting with NYU Faculty aimed to provide direction and processes around evaluation and assessment of technology enhanced education (2016-2017)

Oct 2009 – Jun 2013
Senior Instructional Designer
Company Name: Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions
Employment Duration: 3 yrs 9 mo
Location: New York City

Assisted all test prep product teams with instructional design skills for content and assessments built for asynchronous and synchronous lessons and courses. Analyzed program components to identify how to take advantage of more efficient and effective learning through asynchronous and synchronous delivery designs. Worked closely with research manager, content managers, subject matter experts, visual designers (graphic, video, and animation) to design and develop effective instruction, practice, and assessments using new media formats and technologies. Innovated new products for market.

  • Designed and developed innovative prototypes of new ways to instruct test prep content using technology for prototype and pilot to determine efficacy and efficiency of instruction. Such innovations include an example-tracing tutor for LSAT Logic Games, a Personalized Practice Driven Engine for GRE, and video based demonstrations with embedded questions for MCAT.
  • Reviewed, evaluated, and provided expertise in producing effective lesson plans and production scripts to meet instructional design and multimedia requirements.
  • Trained content managers and authors to develop lesson plans and outlines, storyboards, apply multimedia principles, select appropriate templates, and utilize a customized online authoring tool.
  • Designed learning frameworks to support task-based instruction.
  • Designed templates for proprietary authoring system.
  • Contributed to the authorship of corporate instructional design best practices, principles, evaluation checklists, and lexicon.
  • Contributed to the authorship of product specific instructional design and multimedia requirements.
  • Designed and developed verbal course using spaced learning practice for international students.
  • Conducted various research studies on assessment and feedback designs.

Sep 2006 – Jun 2009
Sr. Instructional Designer, Online Learning
Institution: Teachers College, Columbia University
Employment Duration: 2 yrs 10 mo
Location: New York City

Designed, developed, delivered, and managed engaging eLearning design. Upheld college reputation for delivering rigorous pedagogy to distance learners seeking professional development enrichment. Led college in expansion of national and international market share by introducing emerging technologies, new learning models, and provided competitive edge in distance learning. Customized eLearning according to identified learning objectives and target audience needs by combining selective learning technologies, developing tools, and instructional design strategies. Fulfilled eLearning objectives outlined by $600K in sponsored grants and private funding (Jones NY and Merck) to design and deliver multiple online professional development programs to in-service teachers nation-wide. Accomplished departmental goals to design and develop 30-hour synchronous and asynchronous non-credit online courses in diverse content areas, including classroom management, effective lesson planning, and inspirational classroom facilitation sold to district schools that increased learning, enrollment, and revenue.